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Beverly A. Flemings (Rogers),  Professional Organizing Lifestyle Coach

The Organize Eating Co. is a subsidiary of Organizing To Be Effective (OTBE), the professional organizing firm Beverly founded in the fall of 1992.

In 2015 Organize Eating was established.  As more people embrace healthy lifestyle choices Beverly’s personal plant-based lifestyle, since the 1970’s, has become increasingly beneficial in serving a new level of clients.  Questions focusing on healthy lifestyle beyond basic organizing were expanding the business focus.  A case in point,  Beverly helped organize a client and her husband’s move to Heidelberg, Germany a couple years ago. Once moved, the client inquired if Beverly would work with her “to establish habits that embrace supercharged foods; best of life eating; balanced meals; and yummy healthy recipes.”  The answer was “Organizing advice? Certainly!”  Utilizing remote technology, the concept of Organize Eating continues to expand.  It’s a delight to continue establishing proven methods of organizing protocol in new ways. Organize Eating is uniquely positioned to understand the many details for an effective, long term transition into a health-wise lifestyle.
Organizing Food + Space is our calling.
“We bring our passion for health and wellness to both the food you eat and the space you occupy.  Our organizing solutions offer an opportunity for you to experience a new level of direction,  organized balance and transition into a sustainable healthy lifestyle.”