What began over 35 years ago, as a mere curiosity has become a mild obsession and one of the loves of my life.  Food, in every form, growing it, shopping for it, preparing, enjoying eating and sharing it – I love it all.  My years of learning about food is a wonderful journey that evolved over time into the healthy lifestyle which has fared me well through raising two healthy children, a cancer diagnosis, and general health as I age.  As I talk with people daily in markets and stores, at street vendors, in class and while working I find people from all walks of life are desiring change in their eating habits, lifestyle, and health.  Many people feel confused as to where to start. Even more people are unsure how to maintain their new healthy wise eating without an organized process.

I understand and believe that one key to achieving and sustaining good health begins with food selection and preparation.  Learning to choose foods that increase our health and longevity comes from the knowledge and experience we gain and apply. Wisdom and understanding have an important role in our personal health.  (excerpt from Introduction)


Cookbook Forthcoming!  2021