Tomato Season

Late summer is tomato season.  This is the time farm fresh tomatoes taste like the summer sun – sweet and warm!   I can wait all year for a summer tomato. Whether the variety is a grape or cherry tomato, roma  (plum),  an heirloom variety or a beefsteak enjoy all the shapes and colors of this nutritious fruit (yes a fruit) at it’s seasonal best.

Although tomatoes are known for their vitamin C content they also contain other important nutrients which include: B-complex, carotenoid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium to name a few.


In late summer bushels of tomatoes like these are available at farmers markets and elsewhere so that their seasonal goodness can be enjoyed and preserved.  Think about  tomato-basil soup, sauces, maybe even ketchup, slow roasted tomatoes, or simply slipping the skins off and freezing for winter.


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