Happy New Years 2019 !


Fresh Start – Fresh Energy for The New Year!

We’re hearing less New Year’s resolutions and more New Year’s goal setting.  Resolutions were for a slower-pace period. In this technology-driven era, greeting 2019 with vision and SMART goals is really on point in support of a healthy lifestyle. Goal setting to me is so about knowing your WHY. Give your WHY identity and own it. Do your goals for 2019 include areas of health, wellness, time, and order? These areas feed important aspects of our lives, such as: family, spirituality, the work we do, and the spaces we occupy.   

Change is rarely easy, but goal setting provides structure, application, and the ability to measure  progress.   So whether your goals for 2019 include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Body Wellness
  • Order and Structure
  • Clearing Clutter

Start 2019 strong, as you:

  1. Write your vision / goals
  2. Keep your vision/goals before your eyes.  Carry them with you and make them a part of your inner reflections.
  3. Review your goals EVERYDAY.  Say them aloud.
  4. Do not allow distractions.

The acronym SMART is a useful tool to help you develop your goals and to keep you on track.  Craft goals that are:

pecific –   Take time to clearly define and recognize what you’re going after this year. Write the goal out in detail and include why for your own sense of purpose.

M easurable – Establish criteria to quantify your efforts for what you look to achieve.  For example: How much time- hours or days; how many – pounds, pages, books, etc. In this way you can follow and celebrate your progress every step of the way.

A ttainable – Challenging goals fuel your level of commitment, but they must also be realistic.  Challenging goals are exciting.

R elevant – You want goals that are appropriate and current to your lifestyle.  Craft goals that can easily become a routine or ritual for you.

T imely –Establish date(s) and deadlines for the achievement of each goal set. In this way you learn how to manage your energy and monitor your performance.   Example: I will lose __ pounds in the next 90 days. 

By setting SMART goals in 2019, you are certain to stay committed and on track resulting in a productive, high energy year.

Let us hear your success tips!

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