Spring Detox Salad


Spring’s arrival brings renewal and rebirth.  Our body has its own renewal or detoxification system.  We can support the cleansing or detoxing process as we include early spring plants into our diet this time of year.  These spring plants are alkalize rich and chlorophyll loaded.   

My spring detox salad consists of  spring  spinach, dandelions leaves, parsley leaves, mint leaves, spring and red onions, beets and radishes.  I was pleased to have pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts from a local urban farm on hand.

These dandelion greens are not from the back yard. Early spring dandelion greens are tender and less bitter.  They are much like spinach and are known to stimulate the digestive system.  These raw ingredients are an effective go-to for a detox meal.

Years ago, early spring plants were used to make a spring tonic and other natural herb rejuvenation mixtures in the spring.  Now more than ever our body needs a gentle, natural  cleanse at the onset of spring. 

Detox Caution: Detoxification is not appropriate if you are pregnant or nursing. You should seek a practitioner’s guidance before cleansing, especially if you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease or if you take pharmaceutical medications. Also acute liver and kidney issues require medical attention, not a cleanse.

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