Apple Walnut Oatmeal Cookie

First, I must thank you so very much for your support of  Organize Eating: A Cookbook for Transitioning to Plant-Based Meals.

I am truly grateful for each person  who has taken an interest in what has been created.   It’s been a long journey and still daily struggles arise. But as the times are unfolding I am  encouraged to have a book in my kitchen I  can reference, cook from and  share regarding healthy, whole-food, self-sustained home cooking (for lack of a better name). I believe you are also and I appreciate your support.

The Apple Walnut Oatmeal Cookie is one of only five desserts in  the cookbook. It is the last recipe and can be found on page 232 . It is a sweet treat!

Tip: Grating (instead of chopping) the apple makes juice. The liquid is needed when adding the wet ingredients to the flour mixture (dry ingredients).

Enjoy the cookies!!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Ms. Beverly