Spring is Here ~ Amidst COVID– 19

Greetings,  hope you and your family are in health, wholeness and moving forward!

Spring, came almost unnoticed this year, though the warm weather did provide a sense of comfort during this unprecedented time.  The COVID – 19 outbreak has a global community staying inside, with many things out of our control.   But there are personal areas we have control over. Spring is the season of new beginnings.  For many years I conducted Spring Organizing workshops this time of year.  Spring is the optimal time to establish order in areas of your- business and personal life, household, diet, schedule. Thoughts go to clearing and improving these areas to make room for the new.  I believe more than ever the initial responses to the outbreak, truly located where we each are on our lifestyle journey.  Now that the initial shock is over this is the time to focus on important areas like healthy eating.  A healthy mind, body and spirit is more critical than ever right now.  COVID- 19 happened so quickly, it took us by surprise.   Using wisdom during this time of isolation to add clarity and order to areas that may have brought fear initially will be time well spent.  Where to start?   For many it may be to renew their faith, for others health, food, eating, home life, children the list is a personal one.  Surely, without optimal health very little else matters.  What you initially brought into your home to eat may not be how you want to continue eating.  Our personal health today is more important than ever. Knowing how to eat to be strong and healthy is more real than ever before.   I am here to share my 30 + years of healthy plant-based nutrition with you. It was not called plant-based when I begin.


Here we have root vegetables – sweet potatoes and beets. Root vegetables are the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet. Most (root vegetables) have a long shelf life and store well without refrigeration.    

Next whole grains, when cooked in quantity, are great for quick meal preparation and also freeze well for future dishes. I used einkorn, an ancient grain, I had on hand. Quinoa or wild rice are also great options. If you eat grains, choose a whole grain that will deliver fiber and nutrients. It is best to stay clear of refined or processed grains that have very little if any nutritional value (example: white rice, white pasta).  Sautéed mushrooms, onions, spices, herbs and sweet potato chunks make this grain dish super nutritious and yummy

Lastly, every day incorporate leafy greens, whichever and however you choose you cannot go wrong.   Above is leafy kale in a salad with red peppers, red onions, squeeze of lemon, drops of olive oil, grated apple and dried cranberries (optional). 

Let’s cook some healthy food together. Please scroll further down the page and click FOLLOW button to receive weekly posts.  Come be part of the group!             

Would love to hear from you.  We are all in this together. 

Ms. Beverly

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