Welcome Fall Season 2020

Nature’s seasonal cycle continues even when other things may be floundering. This indicates to me that Order is fundamental to the universe. Being in harmony with the rhythm of nature can (in many ways) help us to establish and maintain a sense of order in our personal lives.

Here is a thought to ponder. Observe how quickly natural vegetation moves from season to season. From hydrating summer foods we have moved into warm, snuggle up root veggies. These veggies are nature’s provision for the seasons ahead.

Let us celebrate the process and prepare our personal lives for the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

Many people I’ve spoken with used the, pandemic, time inside to rethink their priorities. People consciously released and let go of unproductive clutter.

Clutter comes in many forms and includes mental, emotional, physical and relationship clutter. Let us continue to consciously let go of unproductive clutter in its many forms, so we create space and clarity to flow seamlessly in 2021.

Stay Safe and in Health!