Marching into March, 2021

As the seasons are shifting a new dawn is appearing.   In Michigan we KNOW snow may come, again,  before the season totally dozes off.   Even in the chilly wind of March  I can  sense an upgrade  in the atmosphere. Time to get our glow back, and more pep to our step.   

 January and February  were  busy months, I believe, for most people.  Hope you took time to  establish your 2021 goals, clear some clutter and gave serious thoughts to healthy living  in 2021.  More than ever our health goals are important.   It’s time now to re-connect with nature as the earth begins to bloom underground, soon to blossom above ground.  My   vision for 2021 is a  year of health, wholeness and harmony.  It MUST start in our mind and heart, because if not it is  easy to fall prey to status quo.  We  have a higher assignment, which is to live our lives to the fullest. To be in health and prosper, EVEN as our soul prospers!

Since warm soup is perfect for cold March temperatures,  potato soup was on my mind today. I have never made potato soup but I believe in working with ingredients we  have on hand.   I had  one russet potato in the kitchen, and was incline to  use what was in the house.  This is how we learn the tastes of different foods and how you, I or we can learn to appreciate new foods, broaden our palate and benefit from the nutrients different foods contain.   I had on hand: celery, carrots, onion, garlic,  spices and  a single parsnip still fresh from a previous recipe ( I  had never cooked parsnip -potato together, but with only one potato I thought they’re both root vegetables). Before long,  about 20 minutes, there was  my  pot of soup. 

The lesson I  continue to learn is – we  usually have on hand or in our hands, resources and abilities waiting to be used in new and creative ways, like the parsnip in my soup example.  Yes, I cook all the time so the fear of making a mistake was not there. Just know as you mix and match different foods and develop your palate you too will prepare a new food combination and feel confident the result, however it turns out, you will enjoy. We learn as we go and as we move forth we  grow.   I encourage you to integrate new or different fresh veggies and other foods in your cooking this growing season which is fast approaching.  In my next post let’s talk about preparing a variety of plants, grains, nuts, seeds and fruits.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time Stay Safe!

Be in Health, Beverly