Moroccan Chickpea Stew

This protein rich favorite will tantalize your palate with warming spices, fragrant herbs and dried apricots. It is a festive dish to enjoy in this month of ❤️.

You may even consider serving the stew over your preferred grain. What a great option for a quick and healthy meal or side.

The whole food, plant based diet focuses on eating whole, minimally processed foods from plants, grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit.

The dishes I prepare showcase a variety of whole- food, plant-based meal options. I love to eat good food, so just know these options come behind in no good gift. Simply put, these dishes are not lacking flavor, nutrients or variety.

The greens in this stew include: mint leaves, cilantro and spinach, another option is escarole lettuce. This dish will brighten up your kitchen, meal time and the winter season. The recipe is from my cookbook: “Organize Eating: A Cookbook for Transitioning to Plant-Based Meals” page 144.

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Until next time, stay Healthy and Safe!

Ms. Beverly