Spring is a grand time to jump or spring into a new season of food options. Here are a couple easy seasonal dishes to welcome Spring’s arrival.

A warming soup may lead the way, as early spring can still bring rain and chilly days. This silky carrot, tangerine, ginger soup is warming and totally delightful. I also appreciate thinning this soup into as a soothing drink. Carrots, a root vegetable mostly used for flavoring, has the center stage in this recipe. It is yummy, plus a good source of beta- carotene.

Asparagus always top the Spring line-up of seasonal veggies. Served in fine dining and seasonally available fresh as early as February through June with the peak being April and May. There are also different varieties of asparagus: i.e. white and purple varieties. Here I serve a Spring Vegetable Bowl pairing nutrient rich asparagus with green peas and mushrooms.

Be creative, combine with your favorite food . Tip: Check the tips of the asparagus, if mushy not a good healthy purchase.

These recipes and more are in my cookbook available @ https://bit.ly/3vaykhC. Let’s talk soon. Beverly