Seasonal Plan-Based Eating – Summer

June 6 @ Macomb Community College


As we move into late spring the next couple weeks, most first -of-the season tender fresh green bounty will be rotating out of-season. Now is a great time to enjoy the fresh herbs, baby greens, baby dandelions, baby kale, mizuna and others .

By mixing different varieties of greens, you get the best flavors and textures from each one. In this salad I added sunflower sprouts, tender pea shoots, fresh mint and tiny radishes making a lovely side salad that will round out any spring meal.

Not to be forgotten are the detoxification properties in a variety of fresh produce. Detoxification is actually something that can be done everyday. There are many fresh fruits and vegetables that contain natural detoxifying properties, which can help support our body’s natural detoxification processes. We will get more into detoxification on the June 6 come join us.

To your Health and Well-being ~ Beverly

June 6 ~ Macomb Community College

Seasonal Plant-Based Eating -Summer