Health and Order

This unprecedented time is sending a clear message –  increase health in your body and order in your home.  Establishing order, can reap rewards for you in good as well as challenging times.

These organic golden beets were fresh and healthy looking with greens intact at the market. Considering their high fiber and rich flavor I gathered them up. Carrots are a staple I always keep.  So, why not a quick and easy carrot salad?  Carrots contain vitamins A and C plus minerals – potassium, iron, copper, manganese and more.  Carrot salad is also a great munchie food!! Finally, mushrooms are highly nutritious and super easy to prepare.  Remember, them as a vegetable we purchase to prepare, given their short shelf life. Best to use within 2-3 days.

Beets, whether roasted or boiled, self-cook.  When done and cool – skins come off easy, then slice thick.   Grate carrots, (food processor is quicker) sprinkle with citrus juice to preserve the color.   Lemon juice is best, orange juice can be used.   Dried cranberries, placed in a cup and cover with orange juice, add to salad later without the liquid.   Soaking liquid is best added little at a time so not to have a soggy salad.   Fresh herb leaves, parsley and mint  – were chopped fine.  Gently rub the herb leaves before chopping to release the fragrance.

Prepare mushrooms – in a small skillet with a small amount of liquid or oil over low heat.  Add onions then mushrooms, sprinkle little sea salt; cover to sweat.   Uncover and allow to cook in their own juice until liquid is absorbed, stir occasionally as they gently brown.   

The bed of greens is spinach, arugula also known as rocket and the beet greens.  Use what you have on hand.  Spinach is always good, arugula is very peppery and contains a bit of seasonal detox action, beet greens in this salad I chopped fine.

 Finally, everything was transferred from the plate into a bowl, a little  dressing added and WOW – the favors were alive and fresh with the golden beets, carrot salad, mushrooms, avocado and greens producing a wonderful taste.

Hope you prepare and enjoy this dish!

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy

Ms. Beverly