Spring Edible Dandelions + Pineapple Fruit of Spring

Spring edible young dandelions are available and welcome this time of the year.  In early spring these healthy bitter greens are on the scène.  Dandelions are full of the essential minerals; such as potassium, folic acid and magnesium.  They often are included in seasonal detox salads, as well as in smoothies ( pineapple, dandelion, ginger smoothie ). This high fiber food, is also known to be a blood stabilizer.  Young spring dandelions are less bitter than the large leaf autumn dandelions, which are best sauteed than eaten raw.  I remember my Mom telling us about picking dandelions in the spring in their back yard.  Unless you know your terrain I suggest you purchase dandelions from a market.  When I saw the pineapple and oranges, full of vitamin C, my mind started clicking and my heart fluttering.  The pineapple was golden yellow at the bottom and upward, which indicated it was ripe to cut.  Keeping Vitamin C citrus flowing throughout in our system as we pass through the rainy season, is a good thing.

The picture shows  Swiss chard I had on hand,  with dandelion leaves,  topped with  fresh pineapple chunks and orange segments,  cut avocado cubes ( my healthy fat), the black sprinkles you see are nori / sesame sprinkles ( a touch of sea minerals) no salt needed.  The juice of a cut orange dressed the salad.  A simple seasonal detox salad – fresh, filling (dandelions are a high fiber food) plus an immune system builder.  Let’s bring in the spring in a healthy way.   Let us know how you are maintaining!

Stay Safe ~ Stay Healthy,  Ms. Beverly

Note: If you are on medication or have allergies consult a medical practitioner in regards to including fresh dandelion leaves.