Spring in Bloom!

Hope you are staying in good health, good spirits  and thriving amidst all that surrounds us currently.

Isn’t it wonderful to see the trees in bloom, the beautiful blossoms allow us to track nature’s unfolding.  We can see the shedding of winter and the new energy being released for the seasons ahead.  

New season, new food will soon be popping up along with music in the air as people return outside into the warm weather.  But let’s keep our health as a top priority. 


My red quinoa bowl is a spring delight and a gentle detox.   Quinoa, a super food, is the foundation  of the  dish with spring  asparagus and tender dandelions greens. 

I include young dandelions in (early )spring  dishes for the gentle detox they bring.  Bitter greens are not as popular as years ago.  Leafy greens like mustard and turnip greens, to name a few, were commonplace in my childhood.  In fact mustard and turnip greens  were my Mom’s  greens of choice at Sunday dinner.  Bitter greens are much needed for their health benefits today, to stimulate gut health and much more.

I do not encourage gathering dandelions from the backyard or  even a private yard because of pesticides, and sprays.  This dish included organic dandelion greens – with onions, garlic, fresh red bell peppers and spices sautéed and then blended into the quinoa.  Quinoa can be prepared in 15 minutes making this a quick and nutritious  dish to prepare. To your health !

Stay Safe, Stay In Health!