Expect The Best!

It is a great feeling to intentionally expect the best each day!   Spring time keeps me mindful of rising to new life, and  to new expectations. 

This goes hand in hand with spring clearing and spring cleaning.   Yes, we must toss the old to make way for the new. 

Clearing clutter also has an incredibly special place this time of the year for ushering in a vibrant, healthy new season. 

Tossing non-productive habits, behaviors and routines that have become a burden or a clutch is cleansing.  This is how we create space and are inspired to learn and lean into greater levels of life.  

We are here to learn, work, live, experience and be inspired.   I believe even amidst a global pandemic  there are “new”  wonderful things yet to experience.  How about you? 

Spring goals, can be as exciting as first of the year goals, just in a different season don’t you think?

Stay Safe, and in Health,