A Summer Refresh Dish!

Summer is in full swing and with-it seasonal summer foods.  I brought to the grill fresh peaches, to serve with spinach, spring onions, asparagus, bell peppers and roasted cauliflower. I appreciate how heat brings out the natural juiciness of the fruit. Summer fresh fruit is high in fiber, and water which can help you maintain a healthy gut.

The warm weather provides the inspiration  needed to take full advantage of summer outside activities.  Daily walking is invigorating, even walking a short distance consistently, can play a vital role in maintaining your bodily health.  

 Having priorities in order; implies you engage in some form of exercise regularly, practice stress free relaxation, healthy eating and social interaction.  I believe, most people are consciously trying to live healthier in any way they can.  Don’t you? It’s a responsibility to retain a healthy body and outlook. But with wisdom, knowledge and perseverance, we have what it takes to enjoy the journey. I ‘m going to continue experimenting with summer fruit and vegetables in new, easy to-prepare ways. I invite you to join me. Let me know what you try!

Until next time…

Ms. Beverly