FALL 2021

End of Summer VEGGIES

WELL !! what’s to say…

Finally finished my end-of-the summer veggies, sautéed some, then made ratatouille.   I was slowly transitioning, and hanging onto the summer with birthday celebrations of friends, fellowship, receiving Great Word. 

Then came the rain, a downpour, rain for days. When the weather got cold, I knew it was time to move into Fall but I also know there are six seasons to food – For Real so I waivered.

Fall is my favorite season but there was a tug to not rush and just flow into the new season.   The September posts online came with wonderful fall leaves and chili dishes –  all true to where we are. Last weekend I visited the Farmer’s Market,  to  see what’s  cooking (no pun intended).


At the market I found these fall beauties and more. First of fall produce not like the first of spring offerings which are small, young, needing time to grow.    Fall’s first produce are mature, full grown, these little darlings let me know they had been under and above ground a while, waiting their turn, waiting their time.  Hurry up Bev and catch -up!   

And so it is time. Fall is marching in.  I Bless the Lord for His Faithfulness! Fall, 2021

To Our Health, Blessings!