The Fall  Season

Nature’s seasonal cycle continues even when other things may be faltering. Fall’s seasonal produce is on the scene. This is an indication that order is fundamental to the universe. Being in harmony with the rhythm of nature in many ways can also help to establish and maintain  a sense of order in the every day flow of our lives.

What a great time to clear clutter.  To make space and clear a way for the new that’s coming.  Decluttering, is an exhilarating feeling.  To toss “stuff”, non -productive got-to-go  stuff as you enter the last months of 2021. 

The closets, junk drawers, bags and boxes, cupboards and desks all await your magic touch.  Transition into the Fall season is precious time to add order and to prepare for a new season, one of health, joy, celebration, love and peace.

Let’s Do This…

To Your Health!