Winter Squash

Here we are at the end of 2021 and the change of seasons. Fall seasonal foods are heavy on root vegetables.  Winter squash tops the list and represents a variety of ten or more (mostly hard shelled) squash available from mid-summer through mid-winter.

These squash are rich in fiber and beta carotene and carry a natural sweetness. Pictured are Butternut (beige), Delicata (stripe), Carnival (orange/green). Delicata has a rind thin enough to roast, stuff (or not) and eat rind and all.

When preparing winter squash I have learned to cut with patience.

1) Always use a cutting board  

2) Keep your fingers out of the way 

3) Think about where you are cutting – through solid or seeds. 

An easy way to prepare is to cut, remove seeds and roast.

According to the variety, hard shell squash like Buttercup, Hubbard and Kabocha squash have an optimal eating period up to 4-5 months. You can stuff your winter squash with your favorite sautéed greens, vegetables, beans or  quinoa medley. Enjoy!

Until next time, to your health! Beverly